University crowds still the biggest draw for International and Indigenous brands

University crowds still the biggest draw for International and Indigenous brands

New Delhi: Targeting the upcoming consumer market is not a bad idea, turning them into your spokespeople is a fantastic way to go! In this digital age where news spreads like wildfire, what the end-user has to say about brands and products matters. So, befriending all target categories of customers, especially the post-millennial generation, is a great way to grow brand awareness and gain the trust of the masses.

Nexstgo, a Hong Kong-based laptop company, will sponsor the Hindu College Fest and give out over 300 lucky draw prizes like laptops and exciting IoT products, in an attempt to identify potential brand evangelists to become the unofficial spokesperson for their company’s values, missions, and offerings. These brand enthusiasts do more than just talking about products, they create human stories that connect the customer and the brand, and in Nexstgo’s case, on how innovations can make revolutionary, smart living a reality for its end-users.

While there are multiple avenues in which a brand can engage with audiences, college festivals are still one of the most effective channels since they allow the brand to access a sizable, captive audience that is always looking for the next new tech gadget. Thus, Nexstgo was on the lookout for aspiring young adults who reflected their values.
“When Nexstgo recruits interns, we want to recognize work done by college students through rewards and benefits.

Through such collaborations, students become empowered and find pride in their work while also discovering their passion at a young age. They can identify a specific industry to chart out their career paths. Likewise, we also get to identify potential talent and engage them thereon itself”, said Seema Bhatnagar, Country General Manager, Nexstgo.

Burger Farm had their eyes out too in the SRCC that they sponsored to find promising young talent up for the challenge of representing them. Burger farm is a deliciously desi burger chain that strives to provide a friendly and fun environment for everyone to enjoy. Be it, families who love their iconic Indian-flavored burgers, workers grabbing on-the-go or students eating in to enjoy fresh handmade mocktails and crispy munchies, Burger Farm want to be recognized as everybody’s favourite spot to enjoy authentic flavours, crispy patties, and fresh ingredients.

“We are friendly, upbeat and youthful and our mission is to provide delicious, hygienic food and a fun atmosphere that will bring customers back again and again. We at Burger Farm are committed to delivering flavorful and delectable delights that take the customers on a fun-filled culinary ride.

To convey our values to the masses, we are constantly looking for potential new voices to facilitate conversations on how authentic food brings people together and creates happy memories”, shared Paramveer Singh and Rajat Arogya, the Founders. This story is provided by NewsVoir.